Why no symbols in Imba V2, where was this decision documented

I just found this issue https://github.com/imba/imba/issues/263 on github and It notes that symbols were removed from Imba v2 with the note 'use strings instead`, As someone who generally likes symbols and the associated syntax I was wondering if there was anywhere that the justification for this decision was documented?

I also Am wondering about the decision making process in general, it seems as though many changes never have a github issue (such as the removal of symbols), is there any sort of gathering of feedback/suggestions that goes on before making major changes like this? Any roadmap? I would really prefer to weigh-in on these major changes before they happen! I know in the end the author decides the fate of the language, but It is pretty strange to me that a proposed breaking change wouldn’t even have a github issue before being implemented

We don’t have lots of formal processes, you can keep up with Imba changes via the bi-weekly meeting which are recorded.

There is no strict roadmap but we do have some overall goals. If @somebee wants, he can elaborate on them. I will also look into if we can start creating weekly summaries of the development.