When will v2 be ready for using in real project?

Hello, I plan to start a real project using imba. Is it reasonable to start with v2 ?

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Hei there,

this is my personal opinion so maybe others will disagree. The answer is yes! You can start using Imba v2 today, but expect bugs and tooling issues. @somebee is really fast at fixing these bugs provided you have an explanation of the issue and reasonable way to reproduce the bug.

If you are going to use Imba today, then v2 is definitely the way to go. Even though there are lots of lacks on the tooling and the documentation side. You need to be prepared to using a bleeding edge stack which of course will mean lots of pain :smiley:


looking to the ongoing discussions/improvements/changes v2 seems to me “far” away from being stable.
Is there any kind of release planning for v2 ? Is @somebee working fulltime on v2 ?

So maybe I misunderstood you. You were asking initially if it’s ready to be used in a real project and if starting with Imba v2 is reasonable. I still believe the answer to those is yes but Imba v2 is not stable or ready for critical applications.

You can also checkout the latest community meeting, watch until the end to get a complete picture :wink: