Terminall errors, I can't get rid off

The app works fine, but I’m getting these terminal errors. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Non-existent export 'default' is imported from src/components/search-aov.imba
Non-existent export 'default' is imported from src/components/search-aov-results.imba

Here’s the code

This is really neat, digging into it to see what I can find

You can get rid of the errors by replacing the import statements in app-root.imba. Where you. currently have:

import {dict} from './dict.imba'
import search-aov from './components/search-aov'
import search-aov-results from './components/search-aov-results'

replace with:

import {dict} from './dict.imba'
import './components/search-aov'
import './components/search-aov-results'

I think this is a bug. I amam going through the compiler trying to understand how it handles these different cases but am having a hard time reading it (lots of hard to follow variable names). Hopefully the work around is satisfactory for now!

From what I can tell just from fiddling with it the implicit export is working fine, it is the import that for some reason is trying to import something named ‘default’. Fun fact that might help with debugging, if you replace:
import search-aov from './components/search-aov'.
which produces the error message:
Non-existent export 'default' is imported from src/components/search-aov.imba
import {search-aov} from './components/search-aov'
the error message becomes
Non-existent export 'SearchAov' is imported from src/components/search-aov.imbab
whereas iimport {search-aov} from './components/search-aov' works perfectly fine. Something strange is happening with import for sure! hopefully I can figure it out tomorrow

Could you make a small reproducer on Scrimba?


Hey, I could easily reproduce this error in the hello-world project butcould not reproduce it in scrimba. Hopefully that helps narrow it down a little!

I also get all the following errors on Chrome based browsers Chrome/Canary/Brave.

You are not meant to export tags explicitly, nor import them by name. Since tags are registered as web components they are available everywhere as long as you make sure to import / require the files containing the tags somewhere in your project