[Resolved]: Imba2 - Bug importing object array from a separate imba documents

Shouldn’t I be able to access variables within an imported document?
I have this issue both using Imba2-hello-world and on Scrimba.

What am i doing wrong?

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You would need to export the users from the users.imba file, and explicitly import them in the main file. But import/export in imba2 is not supported on scrimba atm. I’ll fix an example from the imba2-hello-world later today :slight_smile:

I’ve tried the multiple ways of importing, and so far I could only get tags to work. Maybe it’s just the local environment.


There was a bug in Imba as well that Alexander (scanf) discovered from your example. We’ve updated the compiler and pushed alpha.18. Now that we have also made import/export work on scrimba we’ll link to a working version of your example shortly :slight_smile:

Alpha 18 is working like a charm.

Great job.

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