Recording of the Weekly Imba Community Meeting

For the meeting, notes see Imba Community Meeting Notes document.

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Hey, really enjoyed the video. I think the focus on documentation is a great idea. I don’t have all the context required to follow the discussion about moving the documentation, can you by any chance link the repo where it is going to be stored moving forwards? is it this one. I don’t know imba well enough to write documentation, but would be more than happy to read any proposed documentation and provide feedback from a beginners perspective.

I also liked the discussion about the limitations of imba v2, I think it is really important to keep those visible and to not just recommend imba v2 to newcomers without noting it’s limitations. (For example, I wanted to make a multi-route page, saw imba v2 being recommended, started an imba 2 app, realized it would be difficult and had to switch-- a negative experience). That said, I think it is still good advice for people looking to make more simple apps to start in imba v2 since that is the future!

I was wondering what time zone the meetings are in (is it UTC?), as I would really like to attend the next one!

I hope you land the implicit self and syntax stuff soon. :slight_smile:
The data stuff sounds interesting too. That would be super interesting.
I love the newer bug reporting in imba2 updates. More useful, less bloated. Great work you guys.

Glad you enjoyed it. The documentation source will be at imba/ It’s being rendered with GitBook but that might change later.

The current imba v1 documentation is hosted on but for imba v2 we wanted to keep that a landing page with possibly a playground. To keep the documentation on track it’s been moved out so we can focus on the content.

You can do client-side routing manually but understand it can be painful. I think it’s a great opportunity to explore the available JavaScript browser API’s :wink:

We are still in wintertime (UTC-1), it’s easier to enter Oslo and add your own location for comparison with