Monday, April 6th, 2019 Bi Weekly Imba Community Meeting

Looks like we are getting closer to the release. Also, check out the latest status. Enjoy!

Great Chat.

  1. Tag wrappers
    Thanks @scanf for bringing up tag wrappers.
    @somebee What is the convincing reason for using custom components? From reading articles and watching conferences on web components, though widely supported across browsers, It seems to me that web components are still quite experimental and their benefits don’t seem to convincingly outweigh their quirks for specific cases. If they bring some limitations to our components (for example inheriting from some tags), why do we eagerly adopt them? Do they improve performance in any way? Is inheritance from native tags less important than using custom components? What’s a good case for Web-Components at this point? We need to make that case in our documentation. Marek came in to the chat this last week and asked why we are using web components. I didn’t really have a good answer to that.

  2. Docs

Docs should be considered as an important part of v2 release, even if it takes all hands on deck for a week or two, or else it may never get done well.

I suggest leaving interactive examples/ live playgrounds as a second version of Docs after release, but a mostly complete documentation should be there from the beginning.

Imba 1 may have taken off more than it did if it had better docs, and Imba 2 will not take off without good docs. We are already seeing that from recent Imba experimenters visiting the chat.

  1. Imports.
    I have issues all the time with imports of node modules and other javascript. I tend to think it’s my fault that they’re not working, but I will be reporting the bugs instead from now on.

  2. Binding to nested components.
    I sort of figured out how bind: works. I tried to leave a note in the google doc. It is working predictably.

  3. New prop syntax.
    I probably just need to look at the release notes, but i’m not sure how to create props with default values.

before in v2
@propname = “default”

Now what? Does this work? It doesn’t for me on alpha.41
prop propname = “default”