Json rpc suggestion? Never mind

Never mind - I just found out that json-rpc does not have unsolicited events from the server to the client.

I would like to connect an imba app to a json rpc server. Can someone suggest an easy way of doing this in imba? I do not yet have the intended server, but I can use a language server protocol (lsp) server for testing.

Thanks, Mark.

Hei @markfirmware

Imba is compatible with the existing JavaScript ecosystem, I would recommend picking a well maintained package on NPM and then incorporate it to your project. Found this one when searching https://www.npmjs.com/package/json-rpc-2.0

When that is said we are using RPC on Scrimba and GitSpeak (not the package I linked to above). Maybe some of the data layer code for that will be open source at some point. So it might be possible we add a JSON RPC example to that repository when that happens.