Is there/ will there be a version where both imba-router and css scopes work?

Hey everyone! I am brand new to imba, and overall a pretty junior software developer, and spent the entire day scraping together information on imba to try and get an app up and running.

I noticed this thread suggests that ### css scoped does not work in imba 1. This is fixed in imba2.

No big deal, I will just make an app in imba2, except:

So there is no version of imba in which both the router and scoped css are functional. I know there are plenty of workarounds I could implement to each of these problems but both of these features are amazing. I feel like having no version where both of them are functioning makes it difficult for people to really see what imba is capable of and makes it more difficult for beginners to get an app off the ground.

So onto the questions: Is there a version of imba that can access both these features and I missed it? if not what would the timeline look like to either fix the broken feature in imba1 or get routes working in imba2?

I looked into trying to open a PR to fix ###css scoped in imba1 but have very little front end experience and had difficulty even distinguishing the imba1 files from the imba2 files (it all looks like imba2 to me).

Any information would be helpful, if this is not something high priority I will keep trying to fix it myself!


The first issue you are linking to is not related to imba v1. The comments blocks work as expected in v1. Can you show a playground with the broken code if you were seeing issues in the 1.x version?

The router will hopefully be functional in the near future. Yeah, it’s hard to start making a new app with Imba v2 but that’s temporary issue.

Hey, Thanks for the super quick response!
scanf was 100% correct that ### css scoped is working as intended on imba v1. as shown in this playground. However, when I write the exact same imba files in my fork of the hello-world-imba repository, I get the scoped css applying to both h1’s. The only things I have changed in this fork are the .imba files in SRC (not the server.imba file)

This suggests to me that I probably have a configuration issue rather than it being an bug within the language itself. Sorry for blowing the problem out of proportion. If anyone has any ideas why this might be happening I would love to hear them!

I see, very clear with your example. Hmm, it could be a bug in the Imba Webpack loader. It would be amazing if you fixed this, the branch to use is 1.5.x, maybe we can ship your fix in 1.5.3 :wink:

Alternatively I can take a look in a few weeks if you can wait.

BTW, here is a fresh episode of the bi-weekly community meeting Recording of the Weekly Imba Community Meeting