Is <self> a <div> tag in v2

### css
.test {
	padding: 10px;

tag app-root
	def render
		<self.test> 'Test'

# OK
#    		<self>
#                   <div.test> 'Test'

No, one of the changes in v2 is that tags now compile to native web components. See the latest template for more links

Self is a way to access the <some-tag> itself.
It should only be used once inside a tag. And it should be the parent of all your other elements.

If you want your tag to have a class, you pass it to self. Or when you use the tag.

tag some-tag
	def render
		<self.test> # this

So when we pass a class to <self>, It’s the same as passing a class to <some-tag>.

tag app-root
	def render
			<some-tag.test> # same as this

And as @scanf said. It’s not a div, it’s not any common html element. It’s a web-component. It behaves a little different than a div.