Adding plugins to imba-rollup & importing css from node_modules

So many questions! How do you guys learn to use this stuff? I feel like it will take me years. :cold_sweat:

How should I should I go about installing a css utility framework like tailwindcss into the imba2 hello world project?

Can I use @import in the css comment block? That doesn’t seem to work.
I could easily use a link directly into the html, but the links wouldn’t be modular and it would slow down page load a bit. It would be nice if it was bundled with the rest of the styles.

Tailwind as well as SASS, SCSS, stylus, or other things could be easily added as a PostCSS plugin, but I’d need to install the postcss plugin first to rollup.config.js.
With the rollup config within the imba-rollup module, can I do that through the imbaconfig.json file?
Also, could the imbaconfig.json file be changed to .js so it’s not static to import modules?
Would then postcss be grabbing the css from the ###css comment block?

I’m sorry if these questions are getting old. I feel like I’m the only one in the world that doesn’t know how to deal with all these bundler compiler stuff. It’s a really big headache for me. :sweat_smile: