Imba supports the await keyword, which compiles directly to async/await in JavaScript. The only difference is that you do not need to mark your functions as async. Any function that contains an await will automatically be compiled to an async function.

def load url var res = await window.fetch url return res.json var data = await load "/some/url"var self = {}, Imba = require('imba'); self.load = async function (url){ var res = await window.fetch(url); return res.json(); }; Imba.await(self.load("/some/url")).then(function(data) { });
def load url window.fetch(url).then do |res| return res.json load("/some/url").then do |data| # do something with datavar self = {}; self.load = function (url){ return window.fetch(url).then(function(res) { return res.json(); }); }; self.load("/some/url").then(function(data) { // do something with data });

async/await is already supported in every major browser. If you are targeting IE11 users you need to babelify the compiled code.