The Imba compiler is itself written in Imba, using a custom version of the Jison parser generator. The command-line version of imba is available as a node.js utility. The compiler itself does not depend on Node, and can be run in any JavaScript environment, or in the browser.

Make sure you have the following tools installed

All the code for the language is available on GitHub

# use https git clone # or ssh [email protected]:imba/ cd imba yarn # npm install

Making Changes

If you are going to fix a new bug or add enhancement, please make sure to update the test suite with cases covering your code. Depending on your changes you might just need to expand one of the existing tests. If you need to create a whole new test take a look at the test/index.imba.

Running the Tests

There are several scripts for running the tests. The CI will run all of them but you can save yourselves some cycles by running them locally and fixing it all up before opening a pull request.

Test Imba

yarn run test # npm run test

Imbapack and Webpack Tests

yarn run test-webpack # npm run test-webpack

Google Chrome Tests via Puppeteer

yarn run test-chrome # npm run test-chrome